Andrey Rogovsky

Linux Guru, SEO Wizzard, Amazing Freelancer

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I always want discover and learn something new.
I can build Linux Clusters and Clouds, resolve troubles and install any Linux Software.
Experienced at SEO и SMO.
I work standalone 10+ years and have honest reputation. You can trust me!

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Andrey Rogovsky
Odessa, Ukraine
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Professional experience

  1. 2009 - till now

    Work position: Freelance specialist Linux system administrator

    Technologies: Linux, Clusters, Hosting, SEO, SMO, dedicated outsorce offices creation

    I work on dedicated server subscriber packages based on Linux and website promotion, create dedicated offices for outsorce

  2. June 2009 - November 2005

    Company: Intway World Corporation (

    Job: Hosting departament manager

    Technologies: Linux, Plesk, OpenVZ (HyperVM), XEN, RedHat Cluster Suite, Apache, Nginx, MySql (NDB), Memcache, self developments

    Services: company servers and project support, hosting server support, subscriber hosting package organization

    Being a supervisor of group of 9 specialists, approximately 150 tockets were resolved daily, overall client base - ~320 000, active users - ~290 000

  3. November 2005 - March 2004


    Job: Founder

    Technologies: Linux, FreeBSD, cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Plesk

    Services: server administration, hosting subscriber package


10+ years - clusters, hosting, remote administration
Hosting, Clusters, Clouds
10+ years - cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Plesk, RedHat Cluster Suite, FC, ISCSI
7 years - website promotion, internet marketing

Let me introduce myself

Hi! I am Andrey Rogovskiy, Linux administrator, and you just entered my website and evidently this is the case?

If you'd like to proceed with the details, the best way would be contact me via Skype.

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